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diego 10 years ago
i would drink her spit and eat shit out of that ass..love vida
Bbdme 11 years ago
Keep spitting bitch!!!!!!!!!
TREA$URE 13 years ago
That is the smallest dick i have ever seen
whitebgwdk 11 years ago
this stupid dude should hide is dick not to fuck great girls on cam he is ridiculous top boobs top asses vida carmen diserve better service even as escort
toby 9 years ago
why'd they get the smallest dick in town? they are fucking whores for fks sake
???!!! 10 years ago
both escorting what a great team to book this is AAAAA
Did you notice? 11 years ago
Carmen is great.. Vida is pretty good too... But Jazzy mere is still 100x's better than superhead... And he had Vida feelin played... He let ms hayes take it all lol...
blowjob 12 years ago
out of the jungle.
yello mello jello 12 years ago
i think the second one that came in was prettiest
kody 12 years ago
i would kiss both of them girls before,during, and after they finished with him