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Mike Adriano's Dad 3 years ago
Mike, it's your dad... I'm sorry but your little ass cumshots are a disgrace go this family.
Fuck you retarded ass dumbfuck, Mike.
I'm disappointed that I had a pathetic excuse for a son. -Mikes Dad
Navy Seal 3 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm a Navy Seal and Mike was apart of my squad back when we took down Bin Laden.
Good times.
Looks like Mike is still the old dumbass he used to be when we killed Taliban's together.
Classic Dumbfuck Mike.
Xnxx 2 years ago
This comment section is hilarious
2 years ago
I really don’t like how that girl puked a little, yeah this is no we’re near as bad as facialabuse but still not cool.
Timmy 1 year ago
Mike Adriano has a Shitass
OldTeacher 1 year ago
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JimmyG 3 years ago
Now THIS is how ALL of his videos should end. Excellent video.
Asi 3 years ago
Me lo hCe mi Novia con su amiga